The Wonders of the Universe


The universe was created with the formation of galaxies and astronomical structures of planets and the solar system. It is in fact deeper and more mysterious than we can see with the human eye and has fascinated scientists, astronomers, astrologists and lay people since ancient times.

Man has also had a fascination with the idea of there being life on other planets but what concrete proof do we have that beings from outer space have indeed visited our planet earth? Are they really out there? Let’s explore the facts and the fiction.

At the unforgettable Wonders of the Universe presentation you will see the wonders and glory of the universe through the giant telescope. The speaker has on several occasions visited the space centres of many countries – do not miss your opportunity and to see and share his incredible collection of pictures.

Examine the great mysteries of deeper space, take a tour of our spectacular solar system and galaxy formations, and explore the constellations and the magnificent Wonders of the Universe.

The Wonders of Creation

The Wonders of the Occult