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Wonders of the past and ancient cities

Dr Stephen Jacovac and his team work tirelessly to share the Wonders of The Past presentations with the world. Everyone is welcomed warmly to these unique and incredible multimedia events, beamed onto huge screens. Admission is free and donations are welcomed to help cover expenses and keep Stephen and team travelling more often.

Stephen has circled the world 5 times, but with so much more to do, he and his team of volunteers, continue to travel and spread positive messages of faith to some of the most dangerous and remote areas of the world. Here is where hope, trust and love is needed most.

He captured his fascination with the world and its people in an incredible photo library of images that he loves to share at his events. The Wonders of the Past presentations are truly magical and memorable. People across continents and cultures come in their thousands to have their spirit lifted by the glory of GOD and the wonders in our world.

Add us to your website favourites and be sure to visit our Calendar regularly to see where we are going next. Perhaps some day our paths will cross!