The All Day Seminar

Marking the end of man’s cruel and selfish rule on earth, Jesus, and his Heavenly forces will take over the World to rule and reign in a new world which has been cleansed of sin and non-believers, known as Paradise.

One of the purposes of the Bible prophecy is to warn man about these future events so that they will not be unprepared or taken by surprise when they occur. Be assured that the best way to be prepared for the future is to receive Jesus as your Saviour and trust in his power, glory and love.

Through perilous times, He has promised to protect and provide for all his children and be their guide through perilous times. Jesus offers the strength and courage to bravely face these future troubles and help you survive until the end of this world, after which He will reward you beyond your wildest dreams in the Heavenly world that follows.

The All Day Seminar will cover the topics such as the Wonders of Salvation, the Wonders of Life, the Wonders of the New Birth & Baptism and also the Wonders of Millennium and the Farewell Meeting. Be prepared for this incredible event.