The Wonders of the Occult

OccultThe ‘Occult’ is the oldest known religion, a secret doctrine and mysterious practice involving the action or influence of supernatural agencies or some secret knowledge of them.

It transcends the natural senses, to seek their influence in our present or future lives, or the lives of others. This includes fortune telling, spiritualism, magic, spells, telepathy and numerology – the call it the ‘New Age’.

A lot of people are debating the subject of the occult and may very well get more than they anticipated! Can you really contact a dead loved one? Are spiritualists really talking to the dead or are they the unwitting victims of a sinister deception?

Today, there is an ‘explosion of occultism’ in the world as the fastest growing religion and worship. The Occult is practiced in many Eastern and Western cults, New Age, Theosophy, Yoga, Kabala, Mormons, Rosicrucians, and Masonry.

Watch the Haiti voodoo dance as the mask is removed from the great deceiver and discover the truth about the ‘Ascended Masters’, levitation, demonism, fire walking, witchcraft and the ‘secret mysteries’. Join us at the Wonders of the Weird Occult World presentation to learn more.