The Wonders of Creation

CreationFor many believers, the world bears an eloquent testimony to the love and power of a Divine Creator. This divine handiwork continues to amaze and enthral people from around the world as they marvel in the world’s incredible natural wonders. Wonders that add so much meaning to our lives - past, present and future.

Others have bought into the scientific or atheist theory that everything in the world is a cumulative result of accident and chance, that there is no intelligent creator. But is it possible that these millions of coincidences can in fact produce perfect beauty, function and reproduction on earth? Can this be?

Christian philosophers argue that the greatest sickness of our time is meaninglessness. The three big questions that modern man still grapples with are also the oldest questions which philosophers around the world were been trying to resolve for centuries. Where did we really come from? Why are we here? And where are we going?

In the spectacular Wonders of Creation presentation, the speaker traces man’s roots and explores the question of whether man is a bizarre product of time, matter and chance!