The Wonders of Egypt

EgyptJoin the Wonders of Egypt presentation to see and hear about this mystical land, its magnificent wealth, mysterious tombs, mighty buildings and strange religious practices and rituals.

Some of the greatest architectural achievements in human history can be found within Egypt’s borders. Many Pharaohs of ancient Egypt favoured colossal construction projects, building tombs, statues and monuments in their names or in the name of their gods. Their engineering skills have stood the test of time and many of their structures still stand thousands of years later, such as the Pyramids of Giza. This spectacle continues to attract and capture the imagination of millions of visitors from around the world.

This wonderful land of the pharaohs is revealed and offers a fascinating mix of history and archaeology. Meet the bearded queen, the mummies, the sphinx, pyramids and other spectacular monuments and discoveries from this ancient world.

Egypt is one of the biggest cities in Africa and is a place that everyone must visit in their lifetime, if not in person, then certainly on our screens at the Wonders of Egypt presentation.