The Wonders of New World Order

New World OrderMany believe that there is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world's top political leaders, corporate elite and wealthiest individuals.

Their goal is to create a One World Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda and effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet. Does this mark the beginning of the end of the world as believed by many.

Who are these people carefully following the trends and political currents of our time who can notice the formation of some kind of new world order which will surely change the events and happenings of our planet.

What interest do they have creating this new world order? Does it have something to do with the ‘Beast’ of the book of Revelation, where a man is revealed with the number 666?

The Wonders of The New World Order presentation draws such huge crowds that there is often no room to accommodate them.